Oct 14

Stand With and not Against

Does the cliff stand against the sea?

Or does it merely stand in its Being?

The waves that crash against it are not of the cliff's design or influence.  They are driven; a force of their own and of forces beyond acting through and with them.

Does the sea feel pain as it explodes against the rock? Does it feel splintered, fragmented, as it breaks and sprays?

If there is suffering, who would say the cliff is to blame?

What "should" is there in the cliff's standing? Should the cliff will itself to dust; to ease the path for the force of the sea?  Pre-emptive self-destruction?

The cliff stands in its own truth

In Being as it is in this moment

The waves, in time, exert their influence, sculpting.  A change in form, but not in being.

As beach, or rock, or dust in the air, the cliff will stand

Not Against the flow of Life, but IN


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