Apr 12

Tend My Own Garden

Tend My Own Garden

A poem written at the beginning of my Circle of Self year

This is the year to tend my own garden
In the midst of moving, preparing, starting and becoming,
I am incubating;
A cocoon--quiet, yet busy in its own way
Gestating its own life
Assembling its own power

I am a seed
Insulated by warm, moist earth
Swelling with the healing rains
Which have finally come to quench my thirst
Embryonic leaves, perfect and fragile
Waiting to push upward to greet the spring sunshine
My first roots venturing downward
To anchor and take in the nourishment Mother Earth provides

This is the year to tend my own garden
To pay attention to my body
To nurture my mind
To feed my spirit
Not indulgence, but necessity
My vessel expands, changes shape.
The pottery needs time to cure

I will love my self so I can have discipline to continue the journey
I will understand I am best for others when I am centered and balanced
The soft, dark spots within can only be healed and cleansed
By bringing the Light of Love and Acceptance
From myself to my self

This is the year to tend my own garden
Who knows what fruits may come.

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