Jan 15

New Year's Visioning

With Mother Mary as my role model, I open to the year to come. May I be a worthy vessel for what is given me to carry. May I hold it humbly and willingly and birth my small part in God's time, not mine. May I nurture the lives I touch to the best of my ability, staying open to divine guidance, keeping a clear and conscious connection to Grace.

I invite Jesus to walk with me, whispering of faith and acceptance. May he stand beside me in all my little dyings. And after, reach his hand to me, drawing me into each resurrection of my spirit.

I look to the Grandmothers to remind me that each choice is merely an alternate path along the Good Red Road. Each echoing ramification just a swirl or eddy in the great river of existence. None can alter the ultimate flow toward truth and wholeness.

From this place, I can be thankful in advance, for all that this year will bring. Being held by my sacred guides, I envision how even my worst-case scenarios carry me further on my journey. I see joy, and growth and abundance un-looked for.

I look back on the past year in humble awe of the growth that has occurred, at the truths to which I have come just a little closer to understanding. My blessings have multiplied, my soul has expanded.

Life is good.

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Apr 14

Knows Not the Rose

Knows Not the Rose

My son, you know not the rose.

I shall paint for you gardens, and close-ups of buds

I shall draw for you dewdrops on leaves

and ladybugs

and aphids

I shall brush rich fabrics against your cheek

soft and velvety like a rose petal

I shall bathe you in fragrance of musk and springtime

that the sense of rose may fill your head

You will walk with me and we will cut a bud for our vase

A thorn prick will remind us that we have not yet learned

all there is to know about roses


One night, you will dream

You will be the bud

the thorn

the thirsty roots

You will taste the dew on your leaves

and absorb the sun through your open flowers

You will feel the rose in your blood

and taste it on your breath


And you will finally know what has been true all along

You are the rose.

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