Dec 14

Advent: A Time of Longing and Tears

I shed lots of tears this time of year.  Not for what I don't have, but in longing for what is actually already mine, and what I am in the process of becoming.

Beginning around Samhain (Halloween), when tradition holds that the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinnest, my awareness of what lies beneath my consciouness begins to heighten.  Like tantalizing wisps of eternal fragrance, I sense the Wholeness that is just beyond my grasp, yet surrounds me.

Advent is a season of Longing.  I feel a homesickness that no change in location can remedy.  A sweet ache of desire to dwell in unity with All of Creation.  There lies my home.

This is a season of Love.  Each relationship a flawed, but precious reflection of the Great Love that is our Life, our Soul.  I shed tears for the unfathomable beauty of that Love, and in humble recognition of how limited is my ability to reflect and channel it.

My tears are cleansing, like the winter storms of my Midwestern childhood.  In their wake, they leave peace; crisp, quiet and fresh. My Christmas heart lies open and expectant.  O come, Emmanuel.  Live in me, Light my way.



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