Jun 13

To Speak the Truth

We must See and Listen before we can Speak the Truth




Faith is needed so we may turn from our own egos and trust in the universal wisdom within

With Humility, we speak without fear.  No ego = no protective shadings on our words.

If we know our own Innocence, we speak without defense.  If we know another's, we listen without judgment.

In humility I have been silent; humbled by a growing awareness of how far I have yet to go on this journey of growth.

In humility, now I speak.

To teach so I may learn.

To share without ego.

Aware my perceptions are clouded, I listen for clearer vision.

As I seek for where I am wrong, I find where I am close to truth.



Suspending judgment


A new moon meditation for the June Moon cycle, associated with the Clan Mother "Speaks the Truth" (The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams)


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Apr 12

The Wheel Turns

New Moon follows the Dark
A thousand twinkles
One Source, many reflectors
Light is not extinguished,
Merely changing form
and place
and time

Dark nights precede dawn
Ride the swells
Rise and fall
Follow the tide
Little deaths
Shed skin
Grow a summer coat

Reborn again amidst my dying
The Wheel turns

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